Monday, June 6, 2011

A Way with Words-

Does your home reflect your personality? Does your home have a sense of humor?

I mentioned a while back that one of my goals is to encourage my clients and readers to 
include some of "themselves" in their homes...

I didn't think I did a great job of this in my own home... until I looked around- 
I certainly have a way with words!

and a few serious thoughts....:)

A great gift  is telling someone how you feel about them
or just brightening their day!

How many times have you run across something and said...
"That reminds me of 'so and so'....."

Me too-

Enter Etsy...
(click the link and spend an hour minute)

Here are my virtual presents-

(If you know me, you hear the above quite often!)

Place your order, slip the print in a ready made frame and watch the smile factor!

Until next time,

*Images via-, Moi

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