Sunday, June 26, 2011

Find 1: Custom Chairs that Wow!

Fun day at Dallas Furniture Market on Thursday... 
lots of snacks and oh-so- many buyers...
 but I enjoy the perks of braving the crowd.

Once in a while, I'm stopped dead in my tracks. 

~Photo break for the above~

Not only do I adore the color combination, but this chair
 is a go-to resource because it is....

A winning combination!

1: Simple:  Clean lines on the frame
2: Custom: Choose any fabric you love
3: Affordable: Use the focal fabric on the front or back only 
4: Functional: Faux leather goes on the seats for easy clean up!

I raved about this same style chair last year... so I must still love it!
Read that post here and see more examples of how to use 
it in your kitchen or dining room.

Greenhouse Fabrics sent me an extra book which has some of these
extra fabrics!  I say-
Go for it!

I also carry vinyls faux leathers in all colors-

... and I probably don't need to remind you of how I feel about nailhead-
read about it here

Tobi Fairley's twist on the same idea...

A bit simpler but classy-

Bold on the front and solid on the back-

Use the more affordable fabric on the back or switch it up!

Don't forget to customize the wood color as well:)

I'll be sourcing these chairs for my clients, More, More, Moore's
so let me know if you want some too!

Until next time,


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