Saturday, May 21, 2011

Rock of Ages: Oh, Constantine-

Another great evening out .... thanks to my cute concierge friend, Jenny!

This time we were treated to see Rock of Ages at the Winspear Opera House-
but first, we stopped in at Park on Henderson for some delicious drinks dinner.

... and made the show just in time! The musical was terrific and featured the Rocker 
you have to remember him, right?

This show was perfect for us since it was set in 1987 and featured
songs from Journey, Styx and Bon Jovi...
(def. showing my age!)

It is playing in Dallas until May 29... so go if you can!

My son is an avid guitar player, however, I would say there
were a few scenes that I think a 15 year old boy should probably skip:)

Just a few decor tips for you as I think about boys and guitars...


1. Remember the decals I have mentioned before?
Use them (love the chalk addition as well)!

  Get those guitars off the floor with wall hangers-
my son has three hanging and I will show you a pic...
when he cleans his room:)


plenty of options for bringing the guitars to the ground:)

Possibilities are endless when adding a bit of guitar decor to a
budding musician's space... from art prints to framed record
albums- the sky is the limit. Look for Part II on this!

Thanks again, Jenny and the girls... fun night!

Until next time,


  1. When he cleans his room?? HAHAHAHAHA!! As a mommy to five year old boys, please tell me when that magic day arrives! ;-)

  2. Looks like a fun time!! and I like your photo collage! ;)

  3. Traci... the day is a long time coming! And Thanks, Cassie... now I'm addicted to photo collages:)


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