Friday, May 6, 2011

Part II: House Beautiful: 5 More Surprise Design Details

Everyone wants their house to stand out from their neighbors... don't they?
Here are the last 5 ideas from House Beautiful to help set your decor apart from the rest:

Upside Down Mirror

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this idea! Way to save on counter space by putting the mirror on 
the ceiling. But of course you could just hang it on the wall, but that is so boring! By 
using the stem work and hanging it from the ceiling you are creating an interesting 
architectural detail in a room that is normally function only. If you can find the right mirror, 
I wouldn't hesitate to replicate this design.

Easel TV Stand

This one is a cute idea for the married couple. Ladies does your man have an 
obnoxiously large TV in your beautifully designed room? Well let us help you turn 
the monstrosity into a work of art. By mounting the TV to the easel you are not only 
pulling it off the wall and giving your self flexibility but you are taking something 
ordinary and making it extraordinary. This is turning into a real trend, not just 
mounting the TV to easels but getting the TV off the floor. Now they are behind 
cabinet doors, above fireplaces, recessed into walls, and even mounted on the ceiling. 
I love this because it give you the opportunity to move your furniture or 
rearrange it in any way you see fit.

Chandelier Bulletin Board

Here is a crafty idea that anyone can use. Now in this particular photo from House Beautiful, the 
owner of the apartment uses this Ingo Maurer’s Zettel’s 5 chandelier to hold her to-do lists, 
notes, directions, and even a hat. But how neat would it be to display pictures, or post cards 
of where you have been. This is such a great conversational piece that you will never get tired 
of talking about, and probably wouldn't ever repeat a story either.

Green Gingham Ceiling

By show of hands, how many of you have white or unpainted ceilings? 
 If you still do, here is such a great opportunity to expand your color wheel and 
your viewing pleasure. Also, let's face it... we have really high ceilings here in Texas 
so we can pull this off. Now I'm not saying you have to go and have a mural painted, 
or even a gingham but you might be surprised how adding a little color up top really 
changes the perspective of the entire room. Remember that paint is a cheap trick!

Rope Railing

Now I'm not a nautical person by any stretch but this idea is so unique...
I can't believe I haven’t seen it before. Clearly though it's not for every home, but this is exactly what 
this entire article is about, going outside the box, which they have and done very well. 
So we must give credit to Mr. Thom Filicia, for designing this neat little space, 
from the rope railing to the off center runner going up stairs... 
he does it well.

Call us to add that special "twist" to your nest...

Until next time,

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