Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wraps, Ribs and Rabbits!

I hope all of you had a wonderful Easter... 
this was my view on Easter morning:)

 Nothing against Kansas City, but not many
 children wait for the arrival 
of the Easter Bunny... in the Marriott.

Who plans a Qualifier Volleyball Tournament on Easter Weekend??


As much as I love watching my daughter play volleyball, will it ever end?!!!  

I've spent more time lately on a bench watching ponytails swing and balls fly... 
one more week???

But as luck would have it... an injury occurred during the first game and we ended up like this:(

Mom and Daughter were good sports and stuck it out for the "Black and Yellow"...

So, I put my time to good use-

Eating and Designing

While at a KC favorite-

I skipped over the menu and saw this on the walls of



Sorry about the terrible Iphone shots but these collages
reminded me of an artist with the gallery, La Montage
that I've used quite a bit for my clients...

If you have a favorite memorabilia collection in a box or even an idea... 
we can make it happen and put it on your wall!

I perked up after my visit to Jack's and we rounded
out the weekend with Easter Dinner at Consentino's grocery market
and flew through tornadoes to arrive home at midnight Sunday.

Life is full of experiences:)

Until next time,

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