Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seasons 52: Changing your Decor with the Seasons

Long overdue... a delicious lunch out with my "Preschool" friends!

No, we didn't go to preschool together but our kiddos did... 
their oldest child and my youngest...
am I showing my age or did I just start earlier?!

Nonetheless, I am blessed and lucky to still have them in my life ten years later!

I'm embarrassed to say that this was the first time I had been to 
Seasons 52 in the Shoppes of Legacy, mostly due to my crazy work schedule 
and chauffeur responsibilities to sporting events... sigh.

If you live in the North Dallas Area and have been living under a rock, it is important to 
know that nothing on their menu is over 475 calories... score.
They also change their menu with the change of the seasons-
I dig the custom approach they offer.

We started with the Chipotle Shrimp Flatbread which we all thought
was the best tasting of all!

I had a yummy BBQ Chicken salad, Laura had the mussels, Heather had the veggie
sandwich and Susan's dish didn't qualify for a photo opp!

Of course, sitting there sipping my seasonally inspired wine,
my mind shifts to the decor ...

...which I thought was a bit heavy based on the
feeling of the "lite" flavor they advertise and the fresh concept.

I suppose if I didn't have Spring on my mind, then I would been 
happy with the warm, cozy, lodge like feel of the decor
(perhaps I should have visited first during the snow storm...)

Since I can't redo Seasons 52... I will give you tips on 
freshening up your home with the change of the seasons!

#1 Freshen up your Pillows

Put away your faux fur and soft sweater like pillows for a few months

#2 Switch out your throw

Move over chenille blank, it's time for the chevron variety

#3 Lighten up with brighter window treatments

Go from black panels in the winter to white in the spring

#4 Add fresh flowers

As easy as the grocery store:)

#5 Accessory Update

Replace the pinecones with fresh fruit and put spring 
in the air with a fun new lamp!

And if you are really feeling it... go for it and redo a guest room! 

As I have been reminded, take some time to 
enjoy the change:)

Until next time,

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  1. I love the mini-desserts from Seasons 52 -- and WHERE are those chevron throws from?!?


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