Sunday, February 6, 2011

Super Media Rooms for Superbowl Day!

Day 5!!!  Superbowl 2011 in Dallas!

Beautiful weather... 45 and Sunny (however, a bit on the slushy side)

...Not at the new JerryWorld!

For the rest of us Dallasites that will not be headed to the new Dallas Cowboy Stadium,
we will watch the big game in front of our flat screens-
or if we are amongst the lucky ones...
in our media rooms!

Here's a pic of a window treatment we did in a media room in Frisco
(lots of yummy fabric helps absorb the sound)

Now it just needs some art... an original from Steve Taft may be just the ticket.  See the post 
about another theatre room we finished in Dallas by clicking here.

If I had an empty room in my house, can't you see this one below fitting in perfectly???  

Turquoise and Glam...perfect for watching my Bravo reruns... Rachel Zoe Project,
Jeffrey in Flipping Out and of course, the Real Housewives.

(I'm not so sure how this would sit well with the husband, however)

Here is a bit more casual ceiling, black out shades and over the top ceiling~

Speaking of "over the top"... WOW!

This family took "Man Cave" to a whole new level... it is actually a "Bat Cave"

Watch the Big Game like the Romans would have....

Or how about in just your comfy family room by the fire!

Enjoy the Superbowl and Go Steelers!

Until next time,

Images via* Moi, Houzz, MAC Home Team, NFL

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