Friday, February 11, 2011

Allen Bowl: A Celebration of Change!

A busy start to 2011 for Connell Interiors... 
and I'm so excited about this new project!

If you are local to the North Dallas area, you may have 
ventured into Allen Bowl from time to time.

Great spot for bowling... not so great to bring the kids!

Until now-

We are transforming the "Dungeon" as they call it...
a smoky game room with a lot of band aids
into the perfect Party Space!

It's official and here's the skinny:

Woo hoo!

1. Walls are coming down...
2. Entire ceiling is being replaced
3. Brand new flooring
4. Fresh, repaired walls
5. Giant fun murals!
6. New seating areas
7. Spruced up foyer to boot

Here's a glimpse of the Before (gasp)...

No inspiration in there... so here is where I'm finding it-

The current carpet in the main bowling area... perfect start for the revived space!

Here's the flooring we are going with:

...and paint colors to match. 

We are waiting for the mural sketches and will almost be ready to go!

I'll keep you updated with our progress, but I'd love for you
to pay them a visit after the transformation!

Since we are still in the planning stages for a short bit, 
let me know what you'd like to see in 
the Party Room...
we may just have to fit it in!

Until next time,


  1. How great is that! I love the carpet, can't wait to see the afters! This place needs your touch that's fore sure!!

  2. We are so excited to watch the transformation and appreciate all your help, Traci! Allen Bowl may be old bones in need of lots of TLC, but we have always been a family focused center and feel this change is long overdue. I hope our customers enjoy saying goodbye to the "Dungeon" as much as we will!



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