Friday, January 7, 2011

Janet Jackson's Install: Lots of Windows

With crutches in hand, I managed to pull off a window treatment installation yesterday. 
 My knee is the swollen like a balloon today, but I'm so glad we fit this in... 
and really all I did was sit with an ice pack 
and boss people around!  

I'm very pleased with the treatments for my client, Janet Jackson. 
She is sweet like the real JJ and I bet she can sing as well... wink wink.

In the pics above and below, we installed one of my favorite window coverings...
Woven Wood Shades~ I'll show you below why-

We had to bring some color into the brown and brown color scheme and 
the simple scalloped valances in the family room did the trick.

(Note: I'm turning over a new leaf with purchasing ready- made pillows more 
often than custom... if at all possible.  There are so many stylish choices out 
there including these cuties from my go to source Homegoods
which will discuss in another post~ an addiction of mine).

Janet Jackson has a Hill Country vibe going on in her house so we needed to keep it simple by adding flat trim and metal buttons from a great new online source I found... 

We carried the pumpkin color into the kitchen with this soft valance with
 fabric by Greenhouse Design
and twisted hardware by Design Elements

Let's chat about the trim.  
I'm not a "trim" kind of gal, but JJ is surrounded by men in the household and we 
needed to add a special feminine touch.  We both went for this trim only because it has a 
rustic flair with the metal beads and matte finished spheres.

Now let's take a look at the wovens...
This is a closeup of a shade without a liner. It is "light filtering", 
however, you can order them with a lining that gives more sun protection.

Such a classic look- an alternative to wood blinds and draperies if that is not for you!

Color and texture options are endless-

The top piece (valance) can be customized as well. Lots of texture going on in this room-
a tribal look with a punch of color

Another benefit is some offer a continuous loop cord and most 
have very small stack depth when pulled up...more view for you to enjoy!

Don't think twice about using woven woods with your modern decor either.

I'm lucky enough to have only one ww shade in my house. It is on a lonely window
 in my kitchen which is the perfect solution for an odd window placement.

With our professional measuring and installation 
(and of course professional designer advice), you'll love your new look!  
Try them-

Until next time,

Images via*,,,, moi


  1. I love woven woods! I only have wood blinds in a couple of spots in my house, but I'd like to replace them with woven woods. Am going to check out those online sources now!

  2. Oh, and I hope your recovery is speedy! My goodness, that doesn't sound like fun, but at least you will be better than ever and ready to run!

  3. The window treatments look superb. They are all so different but they blend together. Now it's time to give your knee some TLC over the weekend.

  4. Its a superb design that catches the eyes of every visitors that go in that house. I wish to have an interior designer that work for that in my house.


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