Wednesday, November 10, 2010

House of Blues...and Silver

I know, I know... I need to get out more!  Okay, I did- even if it was a Monday night!

We were privileged to see our friends' talented son, Dylan, perform at the
House of Blues in Dallas- and did he steal the show!

He is a senior at the Performing Arts School, Booker T. Washington,
and has a great future ahead of him on the keyboard.

 (Maybe my girls should have stuck with the flute and oboe?)

Nonetheless, we thoroughly enjoyed the show and I had a blast snapping pics along the way.

House of Blues has locations all over the United States and is known for
live entertainment and southern cuisine.

I was amused with the random items they had on the walls which was sort of inspiring...
can you install jeweled shoes all over your media room?

or random hand cutouts?

or a collection artwork in your gameroom?

(I'm pretty sure your 5 year old could replicate the blonde dude with the guitar-)

So this next part is pretty funny... we sat down to eat with our besties,
The Drifing Woods (sorry, I couldn't resist that one:)

and we noticed this...

(is this a knock off of the cheese head?)

which lead to this!

Behind our table, they were filiming the "After Show" for the Dallas Cowboys
 starring running back Tashard Choice....

 hmmmm.... the place was empty-
I wonder why....geez -

To me, the restaurant decor was far more interesting than any commentary on the Cowboys!

(Given their latest showings, my football fan husband may have to side
with me on this one... I think?!)

Here are some shots from the House of Blue's website:

The ceiling caught my eye right away!

Love the vintage chandeliers and the chairs with the alternating fabrics...

How about colored paper mache' squares for your walls?!

Basically, anything goes to create the warm, eclectic look at the House of Blues.

If you are a restaurant owner and in need of a redo, call me and
we will bedazzle your space too!

Until next time,

Images via* Moi,


  1. Preview to our mother/daughter blog... It's safe to say I would have never noticed the jeweled shoes or the finger painting of the chick holding a guitar, but you bet I would have chatted it up with the lady with the Cowboy's hat & then stalked Choice until he gave me a good reason for their 1-7 season.... sigh

  2. Oh Brother.... could be interesting. And I think the chick with the guitar is a dude-


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