Thursday, November 18, 2010

Avery's Bath Transformation and a DIY Project Idea for you!

I wouldn't consider myself very "crafty"... I definitely used to be, until I had to
start using my time a bit more efficiently.

But Sunday morning at 6:23, I did a little craft project...
no cutting
no pasting
no sewing
especially... no painting!

My kind of project...

just peel and stick-

Avery's bathroom has come a long way, but of course Mom I thought it needed something...



(okay, I sort of forgot about this little DIY number... the mosaic only came in blue and white but we wanted to add the brown and tan, so we individually punched out some from the mesh and glued in the tiles we wanted. Worth it but our fingers were numb by the end!)

And After my craft project:

What an inexpensive, classy, whimsical way to dress up your walls, or doors:)...
and rip it off when you are tired of it!

(Note...when she got home from her "spend the night"...
she asked why there was tape all over her door. 
Four days later, it is still there:)

Wall decals are all the rage... see some inspirational ideas below:

How clever...

and under $50!

Absolutely love this clock idea... use one at the end of a hallway with a
 battery operated clock on top

Wow Factor!


A bit of the unexpected....

One of my favorite ideas which will save you hundreds of dollars...
a classic headboard... sticker? Yes!

Wall decals are perfect for kids rooms

Definitely wish I saw this when Austin was younger... I actually hot glued
a felt "road" onto the wall....arghhh

Turn a simple chair into a showstopper!

I've seen these Wall Decals all over town, so try it.... and if you already have,
send me pictures and I will post them!

Until next time,


  1. I've seen a lot of these wall decals - including the one you got for Avery's door - I love them! would love to add something like that to some rooms!

  2. I know and so affordable! It is still up:)


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