Monday, October 4, 2010

Tile that made me smile!

Look what I found!

Isn't this tile floor THE. BEST. EVER?!

It pays to do a little scouring in the Dallas Design District because you
 never know what you may run across!  Renaissance Tile and Bath was waiting for me-

Renaissance is a leading design resource for luxury bath, tile and stone products from around the world.  I've always been fascinated with the many unique applications of tile, but with this type of tile...a little bit can go a long way...

Especially when the tile is over $300 a square foot!

But come on....


Some of these which must more affordable... around $100 a sq. ft:)

But think about it? A small butler's pantry backsplash?

Behind the stove on the kitchen backsplash?

Focal wall in a powder bath?

My bathroom... for sure-

Yes, this is actually tile. How about in your foyer?

It's not wallpaper... trust me!

Textured walls and a light up console-

Okay, how about a small inlay with a border on the bath floor?

Love them all but guess my fav? Top row... third from left
Surprise, surprise

 I will move away from transitional into rustic... there is a tile for every look!

Wall application... no biggie... maybe weekend project?
Killer floor and the lucite legs on the sink... MAJOR!

So, this post was wayyyy heavy on the tile, but Renaissance also has
the most classy bath fixtures as well

Thank you Renaissance Tile and Bath for the inspiration-

Which was your favorite?

Until next time,

Images via* Moi


  1. WOW! Awesome tiles. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I loved, loved them all! Some are so intricate and all are beautiful. Can't wait to pitch these to a future client, can you?

  3. WOW! You knocked me off my chair with the "trust me it's not wallpaper"...
    I drive by their glorious windows everyday on the way to our consignment showroom and yes, I did think wallpaper.

    thanks for an awesome post.

  4. You all are very welcome! I wish everyone had the budget to install a few of these beauties!

  5. Wow! You were kidding. These are awesome! Don't let me forget about these rustic tiles when I get started on my new house!!

  6. I LOOOOOOOVE Renaissance Tile! We have one here in Charlotte. TO-DIE-FOR ... even if you might need the insurance policy proceeds to pay for it! Hee hee hee. Yes, it's expensive, but it is so gorgeous, detailed and divine!

  7. Kristen- I'm on it!

    Traci- How did I know you'd love it? I'm trying to secure them for an IDS meeting. Fingers crossed:)

  8. I love it. High quality tiles which is very adorable. If those tiles are designed in my house, I feel like I'm living in a palace.


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