Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rods and Tassels: Not your ordinary window treatment

Yes, I am the proud owner of a Softball team! 

The owner has been quite busy lately, and unfortunately had not attended any of her team's games...
until last night! 

I was there to RALLY my team since they are on a losing streak and while we didn't get a
W in the win column, we did have a great showing... 15-9!  Progress!!!!!

As a unique form of advertising for an Interior Design firm, the name had to be "relevant" and the colors, were of course, my choice... hence the turquoise!

BFF, Kristen, created the logo and I will leave out how we came up with the name:)

Here are some highlights:

Hubby, at shortstop, with an unbelievable catch and
BFF Donna showing her cheerleading move on 3rd!

Just a bloody knee and elbow this game... mild.

If you haven't tried it, over 40 softball can be quite suspenseful:)

My girls can bat!!!

and Sherps...

Very good form for the old timers...

(are they reliving the past... or what?)

You may ask me, "Why do you own the team rather than play?"

While I consider myself somewhat athletic, here's my response...

"Let's just say... I've never played a sport with a ball:)"


  1. Great pics and LOVE the name of the team!!!
    Kathy R

  2. Traci, that is absolutely HILARIOUS. I love it -- and the team name is totally inspired!

  3. Thanks ladies... it's more fun when you are not playing and bossing your friends around instead!!!

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  5. It even surprises your mother that you're not on the softball team you sponsor. You have always excelled at whatever you participated in. Oh, I get it. The tee-shirts are great, and your team is very enthusiastic, but I guess it takes more than that to win.


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