Saturday, September 25, 2010

DIY: Wrap those Books!

Classic... with a twist-  bring the idea to your bookshelves!  Most of my
clients are trying to simplify and create a cohesive look (especially in their family rooms). 
We all have so many personal items we want to display and most of you have figured
out to use books to diversify height and help create unity.

At times, the combination of decorative books creates even more of a hodge podge look,
thus defeating the purpose. 

Here is a solution for you!

Wrap those books!

My client above took on this task and wrapped each book... at night watching tv,
in the carpool line, whenever she found a free moment... and achieved great success. 

She found a textured vellum, which is frequently found on the scrapbook paper isle.

A great new tip is to use paintable wallpaper-

Great idea from the free magazine Lowes Creative Ideas

Here's How:

1. To determine the height of the jacket, measure the length of your book’s
spine and add 2 inches.

2. To find the width of the jacket, open your book, lay it flat, and measure its span.
Add the width of the covers (not including the spine) to this number.

3. Cut a piece of paintable wallpaper (#314377) to these dimensions. Lay the paper facedown
on a work surface. Fold 1 inch in at each long edge of the paper.

4. Place the book in the center of the paper. It will overlap the folded long edges and hold
 themin place. Wrap the paper around the book, folding over the book covers.
Insert the covers into the pockets created by the folds, as shown above.

Thank you Lowe's for the tutorial!

Be creative in your wrapping. 

Tie in into your design style... either paint the wallpaper above the color of your choice
or hit the stores to find perhaps:

1.Brown craft paper for a rustic look
2.Burnt orange paper in your UT themed offices (go Longhorns!)
3. Colored scrapbook paper for your kids' rooms

This is a great DIY project, but if you need help... call me!
Until next time,


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