Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Dining Room: Revisited

March 5th was when I saw this fabric for the first time and created my very first blog post.  If you remember, I knew it was the one, not for a client... but for me!

I left both Greenhouse fabrics on the chair for contemplation for a month and
finally pulled the trigger 6 weeks ago....
and they turned out perfectly!

Check out the beautiful detail-

Yes, it costs a little extra to add details, but look at the WOW! factor on this panel edge!
The braid is from Kasmir and is a showstopper!

I didn't stop there and continued to the top of the stairs...

I have been dying to put this cornice board design in a client's home, but no bites yet...
(my phone will start ringing off the hook after this post!)

Easy peasy... you can even do it yourself with a cornice board kit,
 faux crocodile leather and nailhead trim.

While I don't like to "theme" my rooms, there are some commonalities in the foyer
which actually provides continuity.  Not only do the colors flow from the dining
to the living room to the foyer, but my current "thing" for nailhead appears quite often!

First on the cornice board-
Second on the bench-
Third on the dining room chairs-
Fourth on the living room sofa-
Fourth on the artwork-

(I even have nailhead in my kitchen backsplash!)

Here is the current pic of my foyer with new custom artwork from La Montage

Ozzy matches the bench, so he got to stay:)

Close ups:

So for now, foyer is officially finished and you will see the other two rooms soon!

How did I do???

Until next time,

*images via Moi



  1. Love the art work!!! Compliments all of the great textures and patterns that you use in your home!

  2. Love the cornice board with the nailhead trim. Great idea! Karen

  3. Thank you both! The nailhead definitely adds an unexpected touch of texture... try it!

  4. Love it, Traci! I think the nailhead is fantastic on the cornice board!!

  5. Thanks, Traci! Already one client request for the cornice:)

  6. I think it looks fantastic. I especially love the rug in the entryway and Ozzy!!!

  7. This is such a great post but aside from this I'm looking for cornice board kits. So keep on posting!


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