Saturday, August 7, 2010

Art Speaks!

Quick Update:  The Cheetah Couple goes Bananas!
(Can you tell I have been watching repeats of the Rachel Zoe Project?)

We are still working diligently at the home of the Cheetah Couple and
coming to an end in most rooms we started. 

I admire them for several reasons:

1. They get what they want... Custom to the hilt!
2. They think out of the box
3. They test me:)

Here is the dining room in progress-

Note: Chandelier is gone and I'm waiting for a brainstorm as to what to put in the corner by the chair (the color chair initiated the color palette for the home... they've had it for 25 years!)

Sooo... to enhance the gorgeous venetian plaster, we had to find just the right art piece.

These are just a few that I proposed:

See the pattern here?  Soft, calming colors to keep with the
monochromatic scheme in the room-

Not so much...

While at the art gallery, the Cheetah Couple absolutely, positively
both fell in love with this piece!

Definitely not what I had in mind, but a freight train couldn't stop them and in the end...
It is a keeper!


Thank you Cheetah Couple for pushing my limits (or perhaps off a cliff!).

Here's a sneak peek at a few other art pieces going in their home:

Painted on tempered glass... ahhhhh

Custom painted from an inspiration photo- LOVE!

Across from dining room

And as always, thanks to Gaylynn at La Montage for your patience and guidance!

Finishing up... Here's to you, Cheetah Couple-
a toast from me and an addition to your wine bar!

Until next time,

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  1. With art, you really have to go with what you love - so go, Cheetah Couple! I think your first choice was pretty fabulous, though!


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