Thursday, June 17, 2010

Iron Balusters: Right for You?

We have winded down at Mrs. White Wall's house and one of the finishing touches has been the replacement of her white staircase balusters to iron.  I know this is a "Dallas" thing and it is almost a must in new builds in the North Dallas area... so those of you who are trying to update- here's another project for you to save for!

The real "Before" of the staircase

Here is the in between phase: New patterned carpet on the stairs and hardwoods installed

After:   Simple and Elegant

The crowning touch will be the restaining of the wood banister to match the floor...

Beautiful with the dining room fixture

Stunning with the new foyer fixture!

A few tips for you: 

When thinking of adding iron balusters to your existing stairway, you must consider your design style when selecting which spindle you will use.  Mrs. White Walls has classic, traditional decor with an European flair so the simpler selection is a good one.  If your home is more Old World, you may choose a baluster a bit more ornate (and what I call affectionately "goopy").

Another decision... color?  Look around and see what metal finishes you have for light fixtures

Of course, the more to it, the more out of your pocket:)

Nice combo... busy with a break!

A modern touch

Disclaimer:  Not all Dallas homes warrant this look!!!  When we redid our house, I was going for a classic, transitional feel, so I opted not to replace the balusters, but accentuate the white instead.  I'm happy with this look and happy to be a bit different... that's okay, you know!

My foyer Before  (This is a lesson to look beyond the decor when house hunting)

Goodbye, Carpet... Hello Wood!

Ahhhhh..... After

Another example of the painted risers... A bit of a "Southern Living" look or perhaps "Veranda"

If you are a "do it yourselfer", visit Stair Warehouse for a complete tutorial and if you are not... call me!

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  1. It's not a Dallas thing!! I love iron balusters here in Charlotte!! So maybe it's a Southern thing ... ;-)

  2. Every new home in Ohio uses them. I am redoing my stairs with them and switching from the white wood from the mid-90s


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