Thursday, March 18, 2010

Mrs. White Walls No More!

Along with the Cheetah Couple, my client Mrs.White Walls is definitely making progress on her design project.  However, instead of selecting fabrics and furniture, we have been busy choosing paint colors, sourcing tile, selecting light fixtures and ultimately covered in dust!

You see Mrs. White Walls (as she cleverly named herself) has been putting off this remodel for years... and it is definitely time she took the plunge... and how beautiful it will be!

Take a sneak peek of the project in action starting with the before photos:

Kitchen before

Two weeks ago: Custom hood added, bar cut down and meaty molding added to the cabinet tops! Take note that the window is gone (along with the boxed fluorescent light) and hardwoods are installed.

Now: Granite in, wallpaper stripped (whew!) and stainless appliances making their entrance

The kitchen is only about half the meat of this project!  Mrs. White Walls now has new beautiful hardwood floors on the bottom floor of the house after swearing she'd put nothing down but tile:).  I know she is enjoying the low maintenance floors with her high maintenance puppy!  We still have the master bath to go, along with two other bathrooms, all paint, lighting and carpet!  A brand new house!

Tomorrow the kitchen backsplash goes in (the long awaited tile inserts will be arriving) and we'll be ready for paint on the cabinets.  The icing on the cake is the paint color for the kitchen... one of my very favorite colors. You'll see what it is during the grand reveal!

So... with the look of this photo- she will no longer be Mrs. White Walls... how about Mrs. Dusty Halls?

Stay tuned for the end result and progress on the other phases!

Until next time,

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