Tuesday, March 30, 2010

From the Mouths of Babes

After ten years of being a designer, I have acquired a lot of adoring nicknames for my clients but I have never received one... until now!  I find it quite ironic that I finally have shared a few of my favorites with you and then out of the blue, my 5 year old client, who I renamed "Monster Jam" had news for me. 

I visited with Monster Jam and his mom last week and after he said hello, his mom said, "Tell her what you call her...".  He was pretty shy about it (which made me a little nervous) but decided to announce it...
"Mrs. Pretty Maker because you make our house pretty."  Whew- I like it!  So cute and very smart boy. 

His mom and I finalized fabric selections for the breakfast nook furniture and then I was treated to view the photo album of his visit to the "Monster Jam" exhibition in Dallas.  Time flies... what happened to Thomas the Tank?

Here is Monster Jam's bedroom we did a few years back and more cute rooms for boys!

No Monster Jam trucks in sight:)

Wide stripes are in-

Look where the bed is-

Inexpensive wallpaper... Maps!

New trend in nursery design... modern look

Defining "personal space"

Boy's bedrooms can be just as fun as little girls!  Call me if you want a visit from "Mrs. Pretty Maker"!

Until next time,


Images via: Desire to Inspire, Design Conquer, Google Images and Moi

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